Customers rely on us to supply high-quality products like Spearmint Oil, Menthol Crystal, Lemongrass Oil, etc.

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Customers rely on us to supply high-quality products like Spearmint Oil, Menthol Crystal, Lemongrass Oil, etc.
As the demand for various chemical keeps on rising, the number of businesses in the industry has also increased. One such company that offers the best range of chemical-based products is ours, Shivani Chemicals. Since the founding of our business in the year 2007, we have dominated the industry as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of various high-quality chemicals. Menthol Crystal, Lemongrass Oil, Spearmint Oil, and many more products are offered by us. For the manufacturing of our products, we only procure the finest quality raw materials from the vendors. We make certain that every manufactured batch is tested in accordance with the highest quality specifications. Furthermore, because of the affordability and outstanding quality of our products, they are in high demand in the market.

Why Choose Shivani Chemicals?

Certain businesses find it challenging to compete in the highly competitive chemical industry, but our company has experienced tremendous progress. The main characteristics listed below distinguish us from the competitors:

  • When dealing with each of our clients, we always act with the utmost honesty and openness.
  • We maintain proper hygiene when manufacturing our products.
  • We always make use of the finest grade of raw materials for the production of our goods.
  • We ensure that client needs are fully understood and are satisfied with the best solutions.
  • We comply with all applicable industry norms including The Industry and Development Act, 1951.
  • We ensure that all products are packaged in good quality materials so that they are shipped securely to the customers.

Our Workforce

The workforce of a company is unquestionably its most valuable asset because they are responsible for leading the company to greater heights. We are fortunate to have a workforce of highly qualified individuals who all have extensive industry knowledge. The workforce first thoroughly researches the market and accordingly comes up with unique solutions. The freshest assortment of goods, including Lemongrass Oil, Spearmint Oil, Menthol Crystal, etc., are manufactured with the help of our workforce. They also make sure that every batch produced is tested to the highest quality standards, packed with high-grade materials, and delivered on-time to the clients. All in all, our exceptional workforce has always worked diligently and helped our business significantly expand.
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